Are You Praying with a Mouth Wide Open?

Psalm 81:10 – “I am the LORD thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt: open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it.” [emphasis mine]

The Psalmist recounts for us in Psalm 81 some of the amazing ways that the Lord delivered the children of Israel.  He starts the psalm in verses 1-5 giving praise to God for all He had done for Israel, Jacob, and Joseph.  He protected them when they were in a strange land among the Egyptians and delivered them from slavery (vs. 6-7).  He delivered the people from sure disaster in the desert at Meribah (vs. 7).  Then the Psalmist shifts from praise to admonition of the Israelites’ need to “hearken” or listen carefully to the LORD (vs. 8-9).  Then we get to Psalm 81:10 quoted for you above.  The Psalmist has laid out for us some of the amazing things God did for His people.  He then uses words that bring to mind an image of a little bird with its mouth wide open waiting for its mother to fill it with food.  God desires to care for us in so many ways.

Recently I have personally experienced a vivid example of having my mouth filled!  I have been on deputation as a missionary to England for about two years now.  Early on in the process of deputation, I figured out that my Outfit and Passage needs would total almost $28,000!  That figure includes areas of need such as visa application, airfare, shipping, six-month down-payment on an apartment, furniture, appliances, driving lessons, driver’s license and test, and a vehicle.  As you can imagine, my mind began to run wild – How will I ever come up with all that money?  How can I ask churches who are already supporting me to send more money for these needs?  Where will it come from?  Maybe this is too much to ask for…  Then I heard a message during one of my weeks of training with Baptist World Mission on Psalm 81:10.

You see the rest of the psalm details the fact that the Israelites didn’t listen to the Lord’s voice (vs. 11).  They went their own way and did things on their own terms (vs. 12).  The Lord wanted to help them by subduing their enemies and taking care of their adversaries, but they refused (vs. 13-14).  The Lord wanted to give them so much that would have satisfied their hearts, but He couldn’t because they refused to listen to His word (vs. 15-16).

I was challenged from that sermon and from studying this passage to pray in such a way that would allow the Lord to give me what He desires for me and in His own way.  I had to stop trying to figure out how it would all come together.  Instead I had to hearken to word of my omnipotent God and let Him fill my mouth!  I began to pray that way and ask the Lord to keep my heart from fearing in the “what if’s”!  Last month, I received over $23,000 toward my Outfit and Passage needs as well as added monthly support that raised my percentage to over 93%!  Who else can do that kind of work but our omnipotent God as He directs His people to do His will?

God wants us to listen and heed what He says to us in His Word.  Don’t pray with small faith – we serve an omnipotent God Who owns it all and can do with it what He wants!  Then He gets all the glory when He provides.  Start out this New Year praying with your mouth wide open and watch Him fill it!