Are “Divine Appointments” a Reality?

Does God really set up “divine appointments” for us?  I can definitively say YES!  Allow me to share a time of divine appointment I had in a routine time of evangelism several years ago:

While Pastor Jonathan was preaching in the Peterborough City Center, I noticed a young lady taking some videos and photos and listening to him preach. I didn’t want to interrupt her from listening, so I let her be for a while.  I kept my eye on her so that I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to speak with her before she left.  She lingered for a good amount of time listening intently to the preaching.  After a while, I approached her and began to talk with her. I asked her if she was familiar with what she was hearing because she was very responsive to what Pastor Jonathan was saying.  She answered that she was Catholic, but not really religious.  I asked her if she lived in Peterborough to which she responded affirmatively, but she told me that she was leaving the very next day to return to her country of Lithuania.  I was able to connect with her since I have visited Lithuania and then I told her that I had just returned from a “holiday” in Israel.  These two opportunities the Lord had given me opened the door for a sense of understanding and relationship with this girl.  I began then to share the Gospel with her focusing on the fact that we cannot save ourselves by our own good works.  As I was going through the gospel, she stopped me and asked a very simple but important question – “How is it that everyone is a sinner from birth?” I was able to take her to Genesis and show her that when Adam and Eve sinned, they plunged the whole human race into sin.  Logically if two sinners have a baby, that baby will be a sinner as well.  It was as if I could see the light come on in her eyes.  I said to her that every human who has ever walked the earth was a sinner and needed to pay the penalty for his own sin EXCEPT for Jesus.  I told her that because Jesus’ birth was the miraculous work of a virgin birth, He was the only One qualified to die on the cross paying the penalty for her sins, and my sins, and the sins of the whole world.  She asked me if I have always been religious, so I shared with her my testimony of being born in a pastor’s home.  But that fact of being born in a Christian home wasn’t enough to be saved from my sin debt!  I needed to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ not a religious experience or upbringing.  She was soaking it all in.  I asked her if she had a Bible to which she answered no. So we went to the table there in town, and I was able to give her the Gospel of John in Lithuanian and a New Testament and Psalms in English for her to take with her as well as our church leaflet.  I looked straight at her as I handed her the Word of God and said, “This is no mistake that you are here today at this very moment before you move away!”  She did not make a profession of faith there, but she promised to read those things and commented that she had never thought about these things before, but that they made so much sense!  That is not the usual response we get from people in town!  I believe it was my opportunity to witness the Holy Spirit illuminating someone’s heart to the truth. I may never hear from this young lady again, but I can pray for her and hope that one day we will meet again in heaven if she repents of her sin and places her faith in Jesus Christ.

The contact we have with people on a daily basis is NEVER an accident.  I wonder how many “appointments” I have missed because I was too busy with my phone or my schedule or just plain frustrated at those very people that I should have been witnessing to.  May the Lord help us to make all of our “divine appointments” so that we can make known His name to every person we meet.  How many “divine appointments” will you make this week?